User agreements

This site refers to the site of the domain name “”. It is the independent development and operation of the electronic commerce platform of Guangzhou Seeyo stage equipment Co., Ltd.
This website is operated by Guangzhou Seeyo stage equipment Co., Ltd. and / or its affiliated company. Our company hereby reminds the users to read and understand the provisions of this Agreement carefully, especially the clauses concerning the exemption and limitation of the company’s liability, the restrictions on user rights, the dispute settlement and the application of laws. Ask the user to read carefully and choose to accept or not accept this Agreement (minors should be accompanied by the guardian). Unless all the terms of this Agreement are accepted by the user, the user will not be entitled to use the service provided under this agreement. The user registers, logs in or uses this website service on this website, which means that the user fully accepts all the terms of this Agreement and agrees to be bound by it.



1.1  When the user chooses to access or use the service of this site, it will be deemed to be bound to accept all the provisions of this agreement.

1.2  Unless otherwise specified, the new products, new functions and new services introduced by this website are unconditionally applicable to this agreement. This website reserves the right to amend the terms of this agreement at any time without further notice. Users should pay attention to and comply with the service.



2.1  Individuals and organizations that conform to the following conditions can become users of this website.

2.1.1  Users should have full civil capacity to purchase goods and enjoy services on this website and / or in this shopping website, and commit themselves to undertake corresponding legal responsibilities for related behaviors.

2.2  A person who does not have the above qualifications shall not be a user of this website. Once found, the company has the right to immediately cancel the user and have the right to prohibit the re use of the web site by natural persons, legal persons and other organizations that have been written off.



3.1  The user can through the service account to use this website to provide free registration on the site, the site should be registered according to the requirements, to provide true, accurate, timely, complete personal information, including but not limited to your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.. If the problem caused by the untrue registration information is borne by the user himself, this website does not have any responsibility and has the right to suspend or terminate the user’s account.

3.2  After the registration is successful, the user will get the account and its password as your only identity sign when you trade and enjoy the service on this site. Users need to take good care of their own account and password, will not own account transfer, lend to other third people to use the account and password custody obligations, and the resulting disputes, compensation and legal liability responsibility.

3.3  If users represent other natural persons, legal persons or other organizations to register their members on the website, they need to declare and guarantee that they have been authorized and have the power to make the foregoing legal subjects subject to this agreement.



4.1  When using this website, users must abide by the laws, regulations and rules of the state, abide by the relevant protocols, regulations, rules, procedures and practices of the website, and shall not take advantage of the website to engage in any illegal or improper activities. Users may not publish all kinds of illegal or illegal information on this website, including, but not limited to, commodity information, transaction information, community posts, message, store messages, evaluation contents, etc.

4.2  It provides user registration information data is true, accurate and complete, legal, the information including but not limited to the real name, ID number, phone number, address, post encoding; users to ensure that the site and the other third parties can contact them when the actual users should change; in the relevant information, to be updated. The information provided by the company is kept confidential by the company.

4.3  Users have the right to inquire about commodity information, publish experience, participate in commodity discussions, invite friends, upload pictures, participate in various activities and enjoy other services provided by this website according to the provisions of this Agreement and relevant rules issued by the website.

4.4  The user has an obligation to register and enjoy the service, the purchase of goods to provide true, detailed and accurate information (including but not limited to the e-mail address, telephone number, address, postal, encoding) and ensure data / information timely and effective update, make network station can communicate with the user through the link the way.

4.5  Any notification of the website will be sent to the user’s e-mail by e-mail. You agree that if you modify the e-mail address submitted by the original registration, and check it through the website, the new e-mail address will prevail. When the email enters the aforementioned electronic mailbox receiving system, it is deemed to be delivered.

4.6  The website has the right to review, publish, or delete information submitted by a member. The website will try to check the information submitted by the members, but it will not fully guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information, nor at the same time, it will not undertake any legal liability induced by it.

4.7  The web site contains links to other websites. However, these websites and their resources can not be controlled. They do not undertake any commitment to the contents, advertisements, services, product information truthfulness, accuracy, immediacy and completeness on link websites, and do not undertake any legal responsibility for linking websites.

4.8  Users agree for upload to any content of this website (including but not limited to text, pictures, video), the website has a free, perpetual, irrevocable, non exclusive and complete license and license the rights to use, copy, modify, publish, adaptation, translation, according to the work derived in creation, dissemination, perform and display the contents (in whole or in part), and / or the content in any other form of work, media, or technology, whether it is now known or later developed. At the same time, the user agrees that the website is exempt from any legal liability caused by the information without changing the substance of the information provided.

4.9  If the user violates the provisions of this agreement, or in violation of national and local laws and regulations, cadda shopping network has the right to stop transmission and delete the relevant information published, shielding / ban users, canceled the account, can be carried out in accordance with the disclosure to the relevant departments if necessary.



5.1  The user agrees to comply with the “shopping guide” agreement of the website.

5.2  This website has the right to withdraw or modify such information unilaterally when the goods and / or orders appear on its website are clearly wrong or out of stock.

5.3  The shopping network reserves the right to limit the quantity of goods ordered, including, but not limited to, the right to limit and modify the maximum purchase quantity and total quantity of each account.

5.4  The shopping network does not make an offer for the price of the goods (the price list is not an offer), and will try to ensure that the goods you buy are in accordance with the price published on the website.

5.5  The shopping website has shown the price of the product (including tax, package, exceptions, exceptions), availability and related information. This kind of information will be changed at any time without sending any notice.


5.6.1  The distribution cost produced by the distribution of goods will be settled separately according to the different delivery methods selected by the user.

5.6.2  The website is distributed according to the user’s designated receipt address. The delivery time listed on the website is estimated based on information about stock status, normal processing flow and receiving address range. It is only for user reference, not for user arrival time commitment.

5.6.3  After confirmation of user order, the website has caused price changes due to unexpected circumstances such as supplier price increase, tax changes, site system errors and so on. Users have the right to cancel the order, and notify the customer service department of the website in time by e-mail or telephone.

5.6.4  The user has the right to cancel the order by default of the goods ordered by the user.



6.1  The user agrees to comply with the “after-sales service” agreement of the website.

6.2  This website reserves the right to explain and restrict the goods returned.

6.3  The cash payment arising from the shortage or return of the replacement commodity shall be included in the form of payment, but not limited to the following forms: (1) the order paid online, and the refund is returned to the original payment card. (2) the order of bank transfer or post office remittance, the refund is returned to the “account balance” of the lower order account.



7.1  In the process of using the website, the user should notice the website and provide the corresponding proof material when it finds the fact that it may infringe their rights. If the complaint is untrue to the website or the third party, it shall bear the legal responsibility.

7.2  The website has the right to accept and process disputes, disputes and complaints arising from the use of websites by users. It has the right to know the situation through e-mail and other contact information, and notify the other party by e-mail. The user is obliged to provide the relevant information within the specified time after receiving the notice of the website, and to understand and deal with the situation of disputes, disputes and complaints. If the results of the web site are not satisfied, the user may prosecute in a court with jurisdiction.

7.3  The effective legal documents confirm the existence of illegal user behavior or breach of this agreement or website to judge members suspected of illegal behavior or violation of this agreement, the website has the right to publish the illegal behavior of users and make the appropriate treatment, including but not limited to termination of service, prohibit the use of permanent site etc..



For the following behaviors of users, the website has the right to terminate or terminate its related services under the condition of no notification, or refuse to use the website in any way, and reserve the right to investigate your legal liability.

8.1  The user agrees that this website has the right to make any changes to the website, policy and / or this agreement at any time. Any modification or supplement will become effective immediately when it is posted on the website, which is binding on both sides. Major changes will be prompted on the page page. If a user continues to use a website, buy a commodity, and enjoy a service, it is deemed to be a confirmation of such changes.

8.2  Such as the occurrence of any of the following circumstances, have the right site without notice at any time to stop providing services to the user: the user to provide personal information is not true; the user in violation of this Agreement; according to the administrative organ and / or authorized departments; the other is the website that need to terminate the service situation.

8.3  The use of multiple site information, prohibit or restrict the releases of national laws and regulations and other information, does not belong to the scope of the release of membership information, and web services or irrelevant information;

8.4  Without the request or authorization to send a large number of information to the website members unrelated to the business; impersonate the name of other enterprises to publish commercial information and conduct business activities;

8.5  Plan to destroy, attack the web site computer system, the integrity of the network, or try to enter the web site computer system and network without authorization;

8.6  Any computer virus, camouflage damage procedure, computer worm, regular program bomb or other destructive procedures that contain destruction, interference, interception or appropriation of any system, data or personal data shall be used or provided.

8.7  Embezzlement of others’ login names and / or passwords on the website; the sale or authorized use of accounts without the consent of the website; through or involving fraudulent activities involving websites, through or engaging in intellectual property infringement involving websites.

8.8  Other acts that violate state laws and regulations, rules and regulations, websites related to agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices.

8.9  When this agreement is terminated or updated, the user does not confirm the new agreement.

8.10  Other companies consider the need to terminate the service.



9.1  In view of the particularity of network service, the website is not blocked except the basic security and stability. Its external interference, hacker attacks and other factors cause the connection between users and website servers blocked and can not be accessed. The user agrees to undertake the loss caused by the unexpected interruption of the website, the delay in operation or transmission, the computer virus, the network connection failure, and the unauthorized entry.

9.2  Due to force majeure or other incidents, the performance of this agreement is impossible, unnecessary or meaningless, and both parties are not liable. The objective situation of the contract referred to the force majeure means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable, including but not limited to war, typhoon, flood, fire, earthquake, lightning or strikes, riots, legal diseases, hacker attacks, network virus, telecommunications sector technology regulation, government behavior or any other natural or man-made the disaster situation.

9.3  This website can not guarantee the accuracy of the network information service, and does not take legal responsibility for the loss caused by the user. Users can get some third party’s content or link to the third party website through the website’s related services, but do not indicate that the website has any relationship with the third parties. The third parties are responsible for their own websites, which are not within the control and responsibility of the website. For any content, advertisement, product or other information that exists or originates from such websites or resources, the website does not guarantee, undertake no obligation or obligation. The user can judge himself and bear all risks arising from the use of such contents, including, but not limited to, risks arising from reliance on the correctness, integrity or practicability of the contents.

9.4  The user clearly agrees that the risks and consequences of its use of this website will be fully undertaken by itself, and the site does not take any responsibility for the user. If any user or any other third party is breaches due to any violation of the relevant laws or regulations or any provisions of this agreement, the user agrees to bear the liability for damages arising therefrom.


10.1  The selection, arrangement, layout, typesetting and compilation of all contents of this website and the copyright of works, such as words and pictures created by the website, are all owned by the website, whether or not they are expressly expressed. Permission for any natural person, legal person and other organizations without the written authorization of the website or may modify, publishing, dissemination, dissemination, participate in sales, prepare derivative works, or used in whole or in part in any other forms of content on the web site, including but not limited to company information, product information, the website will pursue its legal responsibility to retain right.

10.2  No person shall use any trademark, service mark, label, name, domain name and other significant brand features without the authorization of the website.

10.3  Users are not allowed to register and purchase goods on this website with the information / information of others. The account or password should not be transferred or borrowed to other people. If the user account is found to be used illegally by others, the website should be informed immediately.

10.4  The user agrees to accept this website to send a commodity promotion or other related business information to the user through e-mail, web page or other legal means.

10.5  This website and all the content of this website are protected by the legal protection of the copyright law of the People’s Republic of China and the Trademark Law of People’s Republic of China. The user information published on this website shall not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights and related rights without the prior written consent of the user shall not in any way to upload, modify, publish, dissemination or copying of any copyrighted material, trademark or proprietary information belonging to other people.



11.1  The establishment, alteration, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of the dispute shall apply to the law of the People’s Republic of China. If there is no clear legal provision for a particular matter relating to this agreement, it shall refer to general international commercial practice and industry practice.

11.2  Due to disputes over the contents of the agreement or its execution, the two parties shall make friendly consultations and settle disputes, and if any negotiation fails, any party may bring a lawsuit against the people’s court where the company is operating.



12.1  When users use web related services, they should also know, approve and agree to comply with the additional terms and conditions of the related services.

12.2  If any clause in this agreement is completely or partially invalid or does not execute, for any reason, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

12.3  The terms of this Agreement are separable, and any agreement which is deemed invalid or unenforceable does not affect the validity of the other terms.